Ryan Harb, MS, LEED AP is a sustainable business consultant and an expert marketing strategist. He is the founder and director of Beyond Sustainability Consulting which specializes in advising, developing, and implementing sustainability programs for corporations and institutions committed to positive change. Read more about Ryan here.


Does your business, campus, or corporation see the economic value in being a sustainability leader within your respective field? Harb works with institutions who are committed to helping solve some of the world's biggest problems while simultaneously increasing their revenue and overall reputation. Contact Ryan Harb today to set up a free 30-minute phone consultation.


Harb has spoken at national and international conferences, at colleges, universities, and corporate sustainability events since 2008. He is available and excited to speak at your business, conference, or university... and it is only one click away! You can get a taste of Ryan's style, presence, and speaking abilities by viewing the UMass Permaculture Video Series: