Ryan Harb, MS, LEED AP is a community organizer, permaculture designer, and an avid school garden enthusiast. He is the Founder of Beyond Sustainability Consulting and works with schools and institutions to create a more sustainable New England-wide food system network. More about Ryan's work:


"Food connects us all, regardless of ethnicity, income or geography. We interact with food each day, and it impacts the health of our bodies, the environment, and our overall happiness. Yet it is increasingly understood that our current food system is not promoting public health or environmental sustainability. We can do better!" Learn more.


Harb has spoken at national and international conferences, at colleges, universities, and corporate sustainability events since 2008. He is available and excited to speak at your business, conference, or university... and it is only one click away! You can get a taste of Ryan's style, presence, and speaking abilities by viewing the UMass Permaculture Video Series: