Ryan Harb works with companies, campuses, and individuals to increase their overall revenue by implementing cutting-edge, beyond sustainability projects. Harb’s philosophy is that sustainability and profitability can and should go hand-in-hand (the two are not mutually exclusive.) Sustainability can elevate a business to an even higher level of financial success in additional to helping make our world a better place for future generations.

A Conundrum for Businesses

"Almost all companies and businesses are faced with the same conundrum:
    *Increasing short-term revenue, keeping costs low, and meeting financial goals for the board and/or shareholders,
    *While simultaneously considering the long-term environmental, social, and economic impacts."

Triple Bottom Line Projects

Ryan works with businesses to create Win Win Win projects that are beneficial to the local community, local ecosystems, and to the business itself. This is commonly described as "People, Planet, Profit" or the "Triple Bottom Line." Yet each project can and should look different. There is no cookie cutter solution! The most successful sustainability examples are about people who leading the way and raising the bar (or setting a new bar.) This could be you or your business.

View examples of Ryan’s projects, past and present, that have won international awards and achieved unprecedented success in the fast-growing sustainability field. One project in particular, the UMass Permaculture Initiative, was named the 2012 top university project in the country that is changing the world of the better. Set up a free 30 minute phone consultation with Ryan today, to explore possibilities and see what this could look like for your organization.
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